13-Year-Old Chihuahua with 3 Legs Scares Off Coyote in Wild Video

She told that coyote who's boss!

13-Year-Old Chihuahua with 3 Legs Scares Off Coyote in Wild Video

For dog owners (and especially small dog owners) even the thought of a coyote encounter can send chills down your spine. We feel the same way! That's why we held our breath the entire time we watched @ellie_beckr's dramatic porch camera footage of her family's itty bitty Chihuahua scaring off a coyote. 

As terrifying as the encounter must've been for the tiny, three-legged dog, we can't help but be impressed by her courage. By the looks of the video, even the coyote was taken aback!

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OMG! Chihuahuas are known for their fiery personalities, but this pup's sass literally saved her life. We're so relieved she's as bold as she is! 

"Coyote said, 'oh hell nah, nevermind,” commented @vvkatiiee. Seriously! It didn't take long before the wild animal realized he'd made a wrong choice, though we're sure the tiny dog was even more panicked than the coyote. We certainly would be! 

Thankfully, this little dog named Chiquita is safe and sound following the scary coyote encounter. As per viewers' request, Ellie had to give the pup a proper TikTok introduction!

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We just love this little gal! She's so spunky and energetic that it's easy to forget her age. Clearly, her family takes wonderful care of her! 

Even though she successfully stood her ground against the unwelcome visitor, it's great to hear that her family plans on accompanying her on all potty breaks from here on out. That's a great way to protect a pet against coyote threats! The American Kennel Club also recommends keeping yards clear of your pet's poop, and keeping loud noisemakers on hand in case of an encounter. 

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