150+ Old Lady Names for Dogs

If you're looking for an old lady name or vintage name for your girl dog, here are over 150+ adorable names to choose from.

150+ Old Lady Names for Dogs

If you're looking for an old lady name or vintage name for your girl dog, here are over 150+ adorable names to choose from.

150+ Old Lady Dog Names

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Old Lady Names for Girl Dogs

Congratulations on your sweet dog. Now it's time to pick a name for your special pup. Whether you are fond of classic, vintage, and old-fashioned names or you've adopted an adorable senior dog, here are over 150 great names to consider to help pick the perfect name for your new companion. When deciding on a name for your pup, think about the following:

  • Who do they look like? Do their traits remind you of anyone famous, prominent, maybe a character from a movie, etc.?
  • What is their personality like? Is your dog full of joy, spunky, grouchy, simple, social, sleepy? Pick a cute "old lady name" that matches. A spunky name could be "Betsy," and a sleepy name could be Florence or "Flo."
  • What breed or breed blend is your dog? Sometimes, your pup's breed blend can lend a lot of help when it comes to picking a name. A senior Chihuahua might do well with a name like Gertrude, whereas a senior Great Dane might do well with a name like Hilda. A senior pit bull blend might do well with a name like Dolly, and an older silver Weimaraner might do well with a name like Greta.

If you find a name on this list that you like, don't forget to explore fun variations and nicknames. Nearly every name here can be adapted into a cute nickname, so give it a go! Happy choosing!

Select a classic name like Mabel.


Vintage Names for Girl Dogs

Pick a classic name like Opal.


Classic, Old-Fashioned Names for Female Dogs

Pick a celebrated name like Iris for your girl dog.


Cute "Old Lady" Names for Your Dog

Pick a cute name like Viola.


Popular Names for Older Female Dogs

Pick a wonderful old lady name like Gertrude.


Popular Old Lady Names for Senior Dogs

Tips for Choosing a Great Name for Your Dog

Here are some additional tips to help you find the perfect name for your pup. It's important to take your time when you're choosing because this name will last them for a lifetime. There are also some successful ways to help narrow a name down that don't require such tough decision-making—see below.

  • Pick a name you actually love. Sure, it's fun to ask people's opinions about names, but most people are going to disagree or offer some ideas that are totally different from yours. That's good and all, but trust your instinct and choose something you truly love. You won't regret it!
  • Consider variations and nicknames. You'd be surprised how many nicknames exist around a single name, and wow are they cute! A name like "Rosamund" can be shortened to "Rosie," "Rosa," "Riri," and more.
  • Let your pup choose. Yes, you read that right. If you are having a difficult time narrowing down a name, practice saying the names you like out loud and see if your dog reacts to any of them in a positive manner. For example, they might perk up and wag their tail, or they might react negatively (avoid that name!). You can also write the names on pieces of paper and let your dog choose the one they like the most. Sure, it might seem random, but there is reason behind this method! Give it a try.
  • Do a little research. If you are stuck choosing between two names, look up their origins. You might uncover a favorite story or special person, like a historical figure, behind a name. This discovery could push you in the right direction towards making a final decision.

Now you have the tips that you need to successfully select the perfect name for your dog. Good luck!

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