American Bulldog Gleefully Jumping on a Trampoline Is Full of Pure Joy

We just love his happy little flops.

American Bulldog Gleefully Jumping on a Trampoline Is Full of Pure Joy

Back in the good old days of childhood, there was nothing quite like the total blast that was jumping on a trampoline. We'd spend hours bouncing away, attempting daring flips that usually ended with our mothers screaming at us from the kitchen window to be careful. We thought we were total trampoline experts, until we saw the following clip which made us realize we got nothing on this precious pup. 

Check out the following clip posted by TikTok user @xvmula14 of her brother's dog just living his best life. 

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This, my friends, is what pure joy looks like. His little flops are just adorable. TikTok users are loving this dog and @Penelope says, "He’s just being a kid I love it." @Leslie adds, Oh he's the best little flipper ever!" @Jessica comments, "He is just testing it for the children's safety and making sure it is bouncy enough lol."

It seems lots of other dog owners in the comments have fans of the jumpy jump too, and @Lisa says, "I love this. My Pit Bull used to do this till he jumped down and tore his knee." @Britt adds, "Awww, I love this! My dog also loves to jump on the trampoline!" 

This is just too cute. It's so sweet when dogs discover a game they love and just totally amuse themselves. Now we need to see a cat jumping on a trampoline and our day will be complete! 

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