Baby Goats' First Time Experiencing Snow Is So Full of Wonder

They are just too cute!

Baby Goats' First Time Experiencing Snow Is So Full of Wonder

They are just too cute!

For people who aren't used to snow blanketing the ground for half the year, seeing it for the first time can be especially exciting. As it turns out--this goes for animals, too! We shouldn't be that surprised since animals can be so sensitive to change, but it's still fascinating (and adorable) to see

To celebrate the winter holidays, @farmsanctuary recently posted the cutest throwback video of two of their baby goats--Lulu and Min--exploring the snowy ground for the very first time. As you can imagine, their followers are over the moon with joy just watching it!

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LOL! We'd watch these two kids figure out snow for hours if we could, but well be content just watching this on repeat--maybe forever! Their curiosity and hilarious reactions are impossible to resist. And we're not the only ones who think so!

"OMG their little coats! Goats in coats," wrote commenter @jessicahabit. That's the cutest thing we've ever read! 'Goats in coats' needs to become a trend immediately. People like @lolasmummy would love it! She joked, "me going to buy a onesie, then driving around looking for a farm." Can we join you? We'll bring the coats!

Still, whether or not there are clothes involved, we'd love to watch animals exploring the snow for the first time. Especially kids like Lulu and Min! 

"Baby goats are always so extra in their movements, like walking exclamation points," said @st0913. LMAO--you're not wrong! The random, excited movements of these goats made the video that much cuter, and no one can deny that. 

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