Bernese Mountain Dog's Love for the Family Cat Is Contagious

This might be the sweetest pup we've ever seen.

Bernese Mountain Dog's Love for the Family Cat Is Contagious

This might be the sweetest pup we've ever seen.

Living in a multi-pet household might seem like a dream come true, but you never truly know just how well your fur babies will get along until they're sharing the same space. Luckily for this pet mama and TikTok user, though, her cat and dog couldn't be any closer...literally! Melanie Shields (AKA @melmckshields) even caught the cuteness on video.

Her TikTok bio might read "I like my dogs and my kid. My cat is ok," but we can tell how much love goes around in their home. Just look at this Bernese Mountain Dog and his precious gray kitty!

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Can we get in on this snuggle sesh? Chip and Theodore seem so comfy all cuddled up together, and we get why everyone is so obsessed. An image of these two would make the most hilarious holiday card!

Viewer @edfadde2 said, "cuteness double overload," though we think that's just the tip of the iceberg. Each of the animals seems to have their own feelings on the matter! 

"[Theodore's] like 'go ahead, Chippy, tell her you’re fine. Tell her! Say you’re fine,'" wrote @ardenhayes. LMAO! The big pup definitely has the upper paw in this situation, and Chip doesn't look too thrilled about it. "The point where he almost escaped at the end and the dog just slams his paw in front of him," was definitely a crowd favorite. @Distressedfish loved that giggle-worthy detail--and so did we! 

Even if Chip wasn't completely convinced, we love the pup's enthusiasm for his fur brother. We can't help but agree with commenter @karebol1 who wrote, "Bernese Mountain dogs are SOOO lovely." Theodore is the perfect proof!

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