'Big Boy' Kitty at Cat Cafe in Canada Is Capturing Everyone's Hearts

He's still waiting for his loving forever home.

'Big Boy' Kitty at Cat Cafe in Canada Is Capturing Everyone's Hearts

He's still waiting for his loving forever home.

Visitors at Toe Beans Cat Cafe in Port Hope, Ontario are being treated to a wondrous sight: Buffalo the 'big boy' cat. He's an adoptable tabby cat who weighs a bit more than he should, but he's just as cute and loving as any other kitty. In fact, he's gained quite a following on social media! 

In one popular video from TikTok user @myjerkcats, Buffalo takes a stroll around the cafe he calls home. When he curls up for naptime, though--our hearts nearly melted from the cuteness!

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Isn't he glorious? Extra weight or not, Buffalo has a swagger that nothing can replicate and we are living for it. Clearly, so are all of his fans!

"I love him we can’t all be svelte," wrote @greenleafster75. Oh, we didn't know we'd be increasing our vocabulary today! It's true, though--we can't all be elegantly slim, nor should we be. As long as Buffalo's health is on the mind of his caretakers, why not embrace who he is?

Naturally, the comment section wouldn't be complete without an obligatory chunky cat meme. @Dark__entropy wrote, "OH LAWD HE COMIN'," and we're still giggling! 

On a more serious note, @cataria.grim shared, "I knew an elderly woman who had a big cat like this because she overfed/spoiled it. When she died, people just threw the cat out onto the street. He was rescued by one of her neighbors thankfully. I wonder if that's what happened to this kitty." We think you might be onto something! Buffalo may have come from an unhealthy past, but there is so much hope for his future.

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