Bird's Hilarious 'Smile' Has Viewers Feeling Like They Can Relate

Kevin is a whole mood, and we are here for it.

Bird's Hilarious 'Smile' Has Viewers Feeling Like They Can Relate

Kevin is a whole mood, and we are here for it.

One moody bird at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is gaining popularity on TikTok for his amazing facial expressions, and you have to see for yourself. Meet Kevin! He's a red-legged seriema-- a large, South American flightless bird--and he can also be a bit of a grump.

As the video proves, Kevin's definition of a smile is a bit different than most folks'. Despite his moody demeanor, though, this zoo animal has plenty of new fans who adore him--us included!

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LMAO! We're not sure what we were expecting the first time we saw this video, but this certainly wasn't it. Still--his grumpy face made us smile for real! 

"Fun fact this bird is the closest living relative to the terror bird," shared @sisenorbean. It sure looks like it! According to the Los Angeles Zoo, red-legged seriemas "are the last remaining descendants of giant carnivorous flightless birds that lived in South America more than 60 million years ago." Who knew?

Despite being a relative of the terror bird, Kevin is becoming quite popular in Columbus. @Frogscommittingtaxfraud_ asked, "where is this gentleman? Is he new? I haven't seen him before." 

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium responded, "He lives in Jack Hanna’s Animal Encounters Village in the Zoo’s Adventure Cove region!" Now you'll be able to find him in no time. Maybe a visit would cheer him up! 

Of course, tons of Kevin's fans love his signature frown. @JustinRomanavich said that this bird looks like, "every school picture of mine," and we can completely relate. Hey--maybe that's why Kevin looks so unhappy with a camera nearby! 

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