Black Cat in Stroller Picks Up an Adorable New Friend Along the Way

This cat loves kids.

Black Cat in Stroller Picks Up an Adorable New Friend Along the Way

TikTok user @one_eared_uno was walking around the neighborhood with her Black Cat named Uno. Her cat was enjoying his time in the stroller when they ran into a new friend that stuck with them the rest of the walk.  

We typically think of cats as being independent and hard to win over. But the little boy who walked into their lives clearly has a special touch. This is the start of a very beautiful friendship. One look at this video and your heart will instantly melt from cuteness.

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O.M.G. Is this not the most precious thing you've ever seen?! First of all, we love that this black cat was out for a walk. You don't see that every day! We truly think we saw the beginning of a special friendship. These two better meet up for more walks or we'll protest. 

TikTokers are amazed at how gentle this little boy was with the cat. As are we! "You know that boy was raised well with how gentle he was, absolute cutest thing!" said @katiestarclown. Right?! @katrocious_ added, "I have never seen a toddler who‘s that gentle with a cat." SAME! 

That brings up the question of whether or not cats and children are good together. Just as it is for any pet, cats can have a wide variety of personalities. When deciding on whether or not to get a pet cat for your child, some recommend waiting until the child is old enough to understand the cat's body language and respect what the cat wants. Although, with proper supervision and training, it can very much be a suitable option. 

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