Cat's Annoyance Over Sharing a Treat with His Fur Sibling Is the Best

He totally gave side-eye.

Cat's Annoyance Over Sharing a Treat with His Fur Sibling Is the Best

He totally gave side-eye.

Teaching children to share is an impossible task. It takes them a while to understand the concept because in their eyes if they have something it's only for them. We get it. We've all been there before! 

The only thing harder than teaching a kid to share is teaching pets to share. TikTok user @dontstopmeowing was feeding their cat named Chase a little treat. But after Chase has a little nibble, they then gave some of the treat to the other cat in the video. Let's just say that Chase was less than impressed. 

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LMAO! Poor Chase, being forced to share his favorite delicious treat. He never signed up to share! This totally reminds us of children who are forced to share. Even if they don't say they're frustrated, you can totally see it in their faces. Just like this cat! 

"He's like, 'THOSE ARE MINE,'" commented @bananahannah38. His parents should have known better that he doesn't want to share. He came first! LOL! @smoretheskater added, "Chase is NOT about the sharing with his cousin." He doesn't care who it is - sibling, partner, or parents. He is not a sharer in the slightest! 

Not only did Chase give the biggest side eye we've ever seen, but his entire body was also showing how annoyed he was at sharing the treat. @chachisay pointed out, "Chase's ears alone tell the story." LOL! 

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