Cockatoo Proclaims Her Love for Her Human Daddy and It's Just Too Much

Penny always has a lot to say!

Cockatoo Proclaims Her Love for Her Human Daddy and It's Just Too Much

Penny always has a lot to say!

If you aren't yet familiar with the gem-of-a-TikTok account that is @pennythecockatoo, you'll want to log on and follow this bird right away! Penny's mom shares all sorts of funny footage of the Cockatoo's thoughts on life. And a new clip that was just posted a few days ago simply can't be missed!

Penny clearly adores her daddy, so much so, that she couldn't help reminding mom who her very "best friend" is. Get ready to fall head-over-heels in love with this precious girl.

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OMG! When she belted out, "He ran away," it was just too much to take! Good grief. She couldn't possibly be any cuter, or more entertaining for that matter. One thing's for sure, there's never a dull moment when Penny's around!

Fans who viewed the clip are just as enamored of Penny as the rest of us. One TikTok user, @busymom4kc thinks dad needs to return to the nest, saying, "Daddy had better hurry up and get home." Haha! Indeed.

Another viewer, @ldkroberts, expressed how so many of us feel about seeing Penny's videos, noting, "Penny loves her Daddy! I think Penny loves everyone! She is such a sweetheart! Love you, Penny!" 

And yet another fan of this precious Cockatoo, @Nya Elliott hit the nail right on the head, saying, "Penny is just so extra! So much flair for a lil bird. That’s why I adore her!" Don't we all?

We'll be on the edge of our seats just waiting to hear what Penny has to say next. Whatever it is, we'll be listening!

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