Cow's Anticipation Over Reuniting with His Brother at Sanctuary Tugs at the Heartstrings

They'll live out the rest of their days with love.

Cow's Anticipation Over Reuniting with His Brother at Sanctuary Tugs at the Heartstrings

If you’ve ever gone through the adoption process, you’ve probably met some animals that are known to be a bonded pair. They’re inseparable. And therefore, they must be adopted together otherwise you don’t want to see the heartbreak that comes with the separation.

We got a glimpse of what separating a bonded pair could look like from TikTok user @thegentlebarn. This animal sanctuary adopted two cow siblings together over a decade ago and they never spend any time apart. But for a short 30-minute drive, they were separated and well, the reaction is tugging at our heartstrings. Take a look!

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This video should have come with a warning! Our hearts were on the verge of breaking into a million pieces. We know the cows were only separated for 30 minutes, but it felt like a lifetime for us. LOL! The creator is spot on when they commented, “Proof that cows love their families just like us.” You can say that again!

“His cries break my heart. So glad they’ll be together forever,” said @norajeanbaker88. SAME! These 12-year-old cows are now settling into the sanctuary’s senior area where they’ll be extra TLC. Their golden years will be spent with new friends, massage and music therapies, affection from guests, and of course with each other.

Another TikToker, @galeazzosgirl, wrote, “Family is everything.” You can say that again! These precious cow siblings truly give us a whole new meaning of family love. Their bond is so special and we’re so happy they have each other. May they enjoy the rest of their days together at The Gentle Barn!

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