Dachshund Curling Up for Nap with Tiny Rescue Deer Is Way Too Precious

These two are so sweet together.

Dachshund Curling Up for Nap with Tiny Rescue Deer Is Way Too Precious

If your day could use a whole lot of adorableness have we got a situation for you. Do you love precious dogs? Do you adore beautiful fawns? Well, get ready for cuteness overload right here. 

TikTok user @Waylonthewhitetail posted a video of her cute Dachshund taking a cozy nap with her adorable rescue fawn and it's just too sweet for words. 

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@Tala comments, "Praying that I can even encounter a baby deer." @DC adds, "awwwww so cute...love baby deer....." @Vadim sweetly says, "Everybody needs a little love." True that! 

I once discovered a baby fawn asleep next to the shrubs in front of my house. Fawns have a special defense mechanism called "hiding in plain sight." Meaning when they are born, fawns have a coat of spotted fur that helps them blend into their surroundings, such as grassy or wooded areas. I stood at my window watching this baby all day in hopes that its mama would return. I had called wildlife services and they said not to move or touch the fawn because mom would soon be back. 

Lo and behold I saw my neighbor traipsing through my yard carrying a laundry basket with a towel in it. I asked her what she was doing and she said "saving the deer because it was abandoned." I basically told her what wildlife services said and to get the heck off my lawn, LOL. Sure enough, about an hour later I saw mama deer nursing her baby in my yard. She was not a good neighbor! 

Long story short, if you discover a deer in your yard, as tempting as it may be to take them in because Bambi! - you should leave them be because mama is probably close by! 

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