DC Update Reveals Major Batman Movie Problem Amid Reboot

James Gunn has a complicated problem to address with Batman in his DCU reboot.

DC Update Reveals Major Batman Movie Problem Amid Reboot

DC Studios CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran are currently mapping out their franchise reboot, which has fans wondering how a character like Batman - who has already seen many iterations on-screen - will be handled this time around.

Gunn has already confirmed that the Man of Steel will be rebooted with a new movie taking place at "an earlier part of Superman's life." Obviously, this points toward a full reset of the franchise, while separate reports have claimed the rest of the Justice League, including Ben Affleck's Batman, may be recast too.

This has many wondering how Gunn's DCU will handle the Dark Knight - after all, Batman has just seen a fresh reboot starring Robert Pattinson in a standalone realistic Gotham universe. Well, the latest update has made that problem only more apparent, but how will DC Studios resolve this conundrum?

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