Deaf Therapy Dog Goes on His First School Field Trip and It's Precious

Him sitting on the bus is the best!

Deaf Therapy Dog Goes on His First School Field Trip and It's Precious

Field trip days are some of the most coveted school days of all time, but having an adorable therapy dog along can make it even more special. Just look at Cole, a deaf therapy dog who got to tag along on a school outing to make sure his buddies were all having fun. Not only is he having the time of his life, but he's causing smiles everywhere he goes, too!

@Deafcole seems like the sweetest Pit Bull, so it's no wonder why he makes such an amazing therapy animal

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This looks like the best day ever! It must've been so cool for the kids to go on a boat for their field trip, though we can understand how it might be scary, too. Luckily, the loving dog was right there to comfort anyone who needed it. He even had an encouraging message on his harness to encourage kids to say hi!

"I love his 'pet me I’m friendly' sign," wrote @megdkh. Isn't that a great idea? It lets everyone know that Cole is a good boy, though it looks like these kids are already friends with him and his human dad. That hug from his bestie was simply priceless!

This pup and his dad are always up to something wholesome, so there's plenty to enjoy on their TikTok account. Whether they're hanging with their school friends or advocating for deaf dogs out in the community, they always look oh-so-happy together. Cole only looks happier when he's relaxing with his favorite kids!

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