Dedicated Cat Adopter Helps Obese Rescue Feline Size Down on the Chonk Chart

Patches is getting healthier every day!

Dedicated Cat Adopter Helps Obese Rescue Feline Size Down on the Chonk Chart

In April 2023, Patches the cat was adopted from Virginia's Richmond Animal Care and Control. The rescue cat weighed a whopping 42 pounds at the time of his surrender, but by the time he was adopted, he had already lost about 2 pounds. Fortunately, his adopter was--and still is--determined to help him regain his health. 

Kay Ford admitted to KRON 4 News that she had always dreamed of owning and rehabilitating a fat cat. Now that her wish has come true, she and Patches are living their best lives together. 

OMG--look at him! Patches definitely maxed out the 'chonk chart' that veterinarians and cat owners use to determine healthy feline weight. As cute as the extra weight was to look at, losing it was literally lifesaving.

Ford was first inspired to rescue an overweight cat several years ago when she fell in love with a cat in an adoption listing. Unfortunately, someone else rescued that feline before she could, but fate finally brought her her dream cat this spring. Now, she helps Patches get a bit healthier every day. She's even sharing his journey on his very own social media account!

“I’ve always wanted to make sure that in promoting, or in helping people see how his journey is going that we are focused on a healthy weight and improving his life,” she explained to KRON 4. That's amazing! 

In just a few months, Patches' weight has dropped to just under 34 pounds. Even though cats should weigh 8-15 pounds on average, it's important that this species loses weight at a slow rate to reduce the risk of further illness. Luckily, everything is going perfectly for Patches so far!

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