Dog Caught Unwrapping Presents Before Christmas Is Certainly on the Naughty List

But he's just too cute to resist!

Dog Caught Unwrapping Presents Before Christmas Is Certainly on the Naughty List

But he's just too cute to resist!

This adorable chocolate Labrador's name might be Moose, but he's helping Santa's reindeer deliver a Christmas himself! That's right, the sneaky pup unwrapped one of his own presents well before Christmas morning, and it's quite possibly the cutest thing we've seen this holiday season. No wonder his momma had to capture the moment on film!

All of Moose's silly shenanigans can be seen on his TikTok account, @melandmoose, though this one clearly takes the cake. You'll see why!

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OMG! We're obsessed with Moose and his IDGAF attitude. As he's clearly demonstrated, even Christmas traditions mean nothing when there's a delicious-smelling gift under the tree. was completely on point when she said, "his intrusive thoughts won," though-- for all we know--this was his plan all along!

"Maybe he was helping in wrapping the gifts," suggested @sherlock501. It could've started that way! We would've believed this theory if it weren't for his paper-ripping, but if this is the alibi he needs, so be it. Not that his viewers don't have hundreds of other alibis for him to use! 

"Ma’am clearly that is for Hanukkah," @gingerkid80 wrote. LOL! Honestly, that's a fantastic excuse--and a great reason to learn about the Festival of Lights! Just don't tell Moose about the whole 8 days of gifts thing, or you'll be headed back to the pet store quite often.

In the end, we think @joeybeekman712's reasoning is our absolute favorite. She wrote, "he's like 'woman I am YOUR gift every dang day, let me have this.'" Honestly, that makes perfect sense to us!

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