Dog Clings to Friend's Leg Like a Human Child After Being Scared of Fire Truck

We cannot stop laughing!

Dog Clings to Friend's Leg Like a Human Child After Being Scared of Fire Truck

There are so many ways that a dog can make someone smile. Whether it's with a well-timed 'awoo' or with an especially cute cuddle session, just about anything a dog does has the ability to melt our hearts. 

If you don't believe us--or even if you do--take a look at @hutchesonbella's priceless TikTok video of her miniature Goldendoodle, Maple, seeking comfort in the sweetest of ways. The little dog was scared of all the loud fire truck sounds, but luckily she had a friend nearby to cling to. 

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What a precious baby! Maple is clinging onto that guy's legs like a human child would, and we can't get enough of it. There are no other clips of Maple doing this on Bella's account, but over 15 million people have seen this amazing footage. Honestly, we're not surprised--this poodle mix is maxing out the cuteness meters!

"Goldendoodles are human beings, you can’t convince me otherwise!" wrote @bellakos. LOL, you're not wrong! These pups do seem to have many human-like qualities. In Maple's case, the way she's standing up and clinging for dear life to her friend's legs that are reminding everyone of a little kid. 

Even the canine experts at Hill's Pet describe Goldendoodles as "intelligent, obedient and extremely loving dogs." They can be rather affectionate, as Maple proves! But they can be sensitive too, so it's important to provide them with positive reinforcement training as well as a space they can call their own. Unfortunately, though, there's nothing anyone can do about loud sounds like fire truck sirens! 

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