Dog Crashes Wedding Reception and Makes the Most Hilarious Request of Guests

Someone give this pup belly rubs right now!

Dog Crashes Wedding Reception and Makes the Most Hilarious Request of Guests

We’ve never been so on board with a trend than the wedding trends that include fur babies on your special day. Pets are totally part of the family so they deserve to celebrate with their humans as well. Although, sometimes they do tend to steal the spotlight. LOL!

One Golden Retriever decided to "crash" a wedding reception and it was caught on camera thanks to TikTok user @mobiledjdirect. Not only did this dog steal the show, but he also made the most hilarious and adorable request. Take a look! 

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O.M.G. Someone better have gone over to give this doggo the snuggles and belly rubs he so desperately needed, especially since he asked so nicely. LOL! We wouldn't have even been mad if a dog crashed our wedding. In fact, we think every wedding needs to have a dog wedding crasher like this one because well, they're adorable! And think about it - everyone would be talking about the adorable fur baby that was there for years to come.  

"Why is there not a line to give that pup belly rubs," asked @otxgxgxixgch. Right?! We were wondering the same thing. We would've run up there so quickly. Those guests aren't passing the vibe check if you ask us. LOL! 

Including pets on your wedding day is a trend that has blown up over the past few years. More and more people are having their pets as part of the wedding party. Some are even doing their own special first looks with dogs. And don't worry if your venue can't host your fur baby. People are getting creative and having photos of their dogs or cats on napkins or drink signs. Such a great idea! And you can bet your bottom dollar we'll be doing this for our wedding!

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