Dog Day Care Introduces Some of Their Most Unique Breeds

They're all way too cute!

Dog Day Care Introduces Some of Their Most Unique Breeds

They're all way too cute!

In any spot where dogs gather--whether it's a dog park, doggie day care, or even a vet's office--you're bound to see a number of different breeds. That's the beauty of dogs! There are so many breeds, mixes, and mutts out there that it's impossible to get a look at them all.

Luckily for us, social media makes it easier than ever to appreciate pups of all kinds. The Puppy Palace dog day care even made a TikTok video to show off a few of their more unique breeds, much to their viewers' delight.

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OMG--how cute are these pups? Every dog is as cute as the last, all the way from Rylie the Norwegian Elkhound to Lexie the Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka. We can only imagine what they're like when they're running around together at day care! 

Even one by one, though, these pups are stopping viewers in their tracks. @Dangitssatan commented, "I have a Norwegian Elkhound and I can confirm they ALWAYS look like they're about to tell you a secret." LOL! That's the perfect way to describe that anticipatory look, though Rylie isn't the only dog with an expressive mug.

Pups' attendance at dog day care has increased dramatically over the past few years, as attending play groups can help with loneliness and socialization. When trying to select the right day care for your pet, be sure to follow these steps:

1. Do your research and read reviews from other pet parents before narrowing down the field.

2. Schedule a meet-and-greet at the facility so that your dog can have a trial run in the play group before actually being left for the day.

3. Pay close attention to your dog's behavior after the trial so you can pick up on any cues that the day care might not be the right fit, especially if they're acting anxious or out of character.

Did you have a favorite pup from this video? We loved each and every one of these unique breeds--we could never decide!

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