Dog Learns to Stop Barking by Wearing Precious 'Quiet Ears'

Our dogs need these magic ears too.

Dog Learns to Stop Barking by Wearing Precious 'Quiet Ears'

Our dogs need these magic ears too.

Dogs love to look out the windows. They act like they’re the neighborhood watch because they’ll bark at every little thing that comes into view. It’s not their fault though. They’re just being protective!

As much as we love that they’re watching over the house, it does get old when they bark nonstop. TikTok user @mykomushroom is familiar with the constant barking, but she did discover something that helps quiet her dog. The result still allows him to stay on duty as the neighborhood watch. Plus, it's downright adorable! Take a look!

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O.M.G. We’re absolutely obsessed with this! We can’t believe this dog’s ‘quiet ears’ actually turned his barks into soft mumbles. SO cute! You best believe we'll be trying this with our dogs. 

“Aww my dog would eat the quiet ears, but I love the concept,” wrote @thecherokeewolf. Ha! SAME! We might try anyway because this is brilliant. “Unconventional but effective. I give the ears a 10/10,” added @aucontrairemare. We’ve never seen anything like this. If it works, it works!

@andomatic asked what we’ve all been wondering, “Where do you get the quiet ears?” The creator responded by saying, “We’ve been working on a Myko-inspired version for people who are interested but we’ve been told hats can do the trick!” O.M.G. That is the best news ever! Sign us up for the presale! 

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