Dog's Perfect Reaction to Tasting a Pineapple Is Just the Cutest

We love watching this pup try foods.

Dog's Perfect Reaction to Tasting a Pineapple Is Just the Cutest

We love watching this pup try foods.

Django is well-known on TikTok for his food sampling, but his most famous feature is his smile. It's not your typical grin, either--this food-loving dog bares his teeth to show his happiness, and it's paw-sitively precious. Even when he's not smiling, though, @djangosmiles seems like the sweetest boy!

The taste-tester had the honor of trying pineapple in one of his most recent videos, and we were pretty surprised by his reaction. After all, pineapple isn't everyone's favorite! 

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Can you believe how much he loved it? He had zero reaction whatsoever to any tartness or acidity, but then again--he barely tasted it! It's just like @tanyag00 said: "sir, you didn't even chew that!" Django's priorities don't have time for savoring the flavor! 

"I love how, with dogs, you can tell how much they like a food by how little they chew it," @westinchurch666 wrote. LMAO--that's so true! We suppose Django really loved the pineapple then... in case you couldn't tell from his smile! 

"The smile" was clearly @vye_official's favorite detail of the video, and it's easy to see why. It's such a sweet and unique way for a pup to show his satisfaction. It does have us wondering, though--what would Django do if he didn't like a new snack? We'd look through his other videos to find out, but this one is too dang cute!

So many of the comments use emojis to mimic the dog's smile, so we recommend scrolling through them for a good laugh. Not that Django didn't give you a good laugh already!

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