Dogs Recreate Iconic 'Lady and the Tramp' Movie Scene and It's Perfection

They totally nailed it!

Dogs Recreate Iconic 'Lady and the Tramp' Movie Scene and It's Perfection

When two canine TikTok stars come together for the cutest collaboration of all time, you just know that it's going to be good. I could not have clicked fast enough when I saw this LOL-worthy video from @brodiethatdood and @adventuringwithnala as they recreated Lady and the Tramp's most iconic scene.

The dog dads behind this duo put a lot of work into creating a romantic setup for the pups to share a meal, but the way these hungry dogs took over has me tearing up from laughter!

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LMAO! I'm not sure why I expected both pups to cooperate for the video, but this adorable chaos was the best surprise. From the noodles in the Goldendoodle's beard to Nala's insatiable appetite, both dogs left me endlessly entertained.  I know I'm not the only one who loves their hilarity, either!

"Nala destroying the noodles any chance she gets has me dying laughing," said commenter @unaurathodox. Isn't it the best? She's a strong, independent puppers who knows what she wants, and that's what I love to see. As for Brodie, though--he couldn't be more confused! 

Fans of both the Golden Retriever and the fluffy Doodlde dog are already calling them "the perfect couple," but I have a feeling Nala was more interested in the food. Still, I can't help but hope these two have more collaborations up their sleeves! They're both such fun family dogs, and they'd make the ultimate canine duo. This scene may not have worked out exactly as planned, but it definitely left viewers howling with laughter. 

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