Dog's Sneaky Way of Trying to Nab a Piece of Pizza Wins the Internet

We can't stop laughing at this clip.

Dog's Sneaky Way of Trying to Nab a Piece of Pizza Wins the Internet

Having a dog means throwing out the ability to eat in peace. They’ll sit right next to you with those puppy-dog eyes, forever hopefully they’ll get a nibble. Or maybe they’ll use their paws to let you know they want some of your food. Whatever the case might be, it can get frustrating!

Even if you tell your dogs that they won’t be getting any of your food, they still find a way. Take for example this video from TikTok user @brinolan34. This TikToker was out for pizza and the table just so happened to have a space for a dog's snoot. Watch what happens next! 

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LMAO! This dog is seriously so sneaky. He knew exactly where to go and he was just waiting there for someone to feed him a little piece of pizza. It's like it's his own magic portal to the world of deliciousness. And honestly, we'd give it to our dogs if they tried to get food this way because it's way more entertaining. 

"The pizza tax," said @rusty.our.retriever. Forget about the cheese tax! This dog knows that a pizza tax is more valuable because it's loaded with cheese, toppings, AND carbs. We like the way this dog thinks! 

Another TikToker, @unfiltered.imperfections, commented, "That’s called the Garbage Disposal!" HA! If you're like us and can't finish your crust, dogs are definitely the garbage disposal. Now, if only we had a table like this that would make putting our food scraps down the disposal easier... "Every table needs a dog feedin’ hole!" wrote @pawswatts. Our thoughts exactly! 

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