Donkey Mom and Dad Proudly Show Off Their New Baby to Human Mom

And then, there were three!

Donkey Mom and Dad Proudly Show Off Their New Baby to Human Mom

New parents always have the biggest smiles on their faces because well, they just can't believe they brought a new living thing into this world. They're beaming with immense pride. As they should be! And as it turns out, animals parents are no different. 

TikTok user @mamamarialouise has the perfect video to show just how truly proud animal parents can get. This TikToker walked out to say hello to the donkeys and she was greeted by the most beautiful surprise. The only thing cuter than this precious new farm baby was two proud donkey parents.

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O.M.G. Stop it! Look at these two donkey parents beaming with such pride. They were so excited to show off the baby donkey to this TikToker. A happy, healthy, precious donkey. Of course they should be proud of that! 

"They're showing off their baby! I love donkeys so much," commented @adorkableplum. Sounds like just about every parent we've ever known. Everyone wants to show off their baby. That's natural! And we're so glad this TikToker captured this moment because it's precious. 

Another TikToker, @itsjustme, said, "Look how they touched snouts like, 'We are so happy.'" Ugh, our hearts just melted even more, which we didn't even know was possible! @nayomerivers added, "Posing together and saying, 'We did, sure did.'” YES! That's exactly what we think they said. For as proud as these donkeys are, the baby on the other hand hates the attention. LOL! Baby donkey is definitely embarrassed at how much his parents are talking about him. Trust us, everyone's parents embarrass their kids plenty of times! 

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