Family's Dedication to Caring for Their Disabled Sheep Has People So Moved

What wonderful people they are!

Family's Dedication to Caring for Their Disabled Sheep Has People So Moved

A North Carolina-based animal refuge, known on TikTok as @ziggysrefuge, started in 2016 when founders Kristen Hartness and Jay Yontz purchased farmland. Since then, Ziggy's Animal Refuge has become a safe haven for over 70 animals of varying abilities with a special focus on disabled farm animals. ​​

Recently, this refuge shared a day-in-the-life video of one of its social media stars - Moko the sheep. Poor Moko was rescued with his sister after being unknowingly born on a commercial farm in the winter. This caused him to lose his ears to frostbite and part of his hind legs. But now, he's getting all the love and attention at this refuge. Take a look!

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Aww, we can't get over this precious baby! We're beyond thankful that this nonprofit has stepped in to not only save this sheep but countless other farm animals. "You really do give him everything possible. So special," said @userdf3o40u8ve. Right?! He's getting special treatment, which is very much deserved after everything he's been through already. They're truly doing the work of angels. We know Moko already gets a million kisses, but we're sending a million more from us! 

As much as their work is greatly appreciated and helpful, there are still so many animals stuck in inhumane farm factories. There are about 1.6 million animals confined within the 25,000 factory farms across the United States, according to The Humane League. We need more places like this refuge to save these animals. 

Ziggy's Animal Refuge relies entirely on donations so if you'd like to donate or purchase something off their Amazon Wishlist, please visit their website for more information. A little truly goes a long way!

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