Funny Cat Gives Mom a Piece of His Mind When She Won't Go to Bed

He clearly wanted to get his point across.

Funny Cat Gives Mom a Piece of His Mind When She Won't Go to Bed

He clearly wanted to get his point across.

There's no denying it--pets are creatures of habit. Whether they demand to be fed at a certain time or get anxious when someone isn't home at their normal hour, an animal seems to thrive when things are steady and predictable. For @kittyboypatrick, that means a set bedtime, too!

As his owner recently showed in a viral TikTok video, this tuxedo cat takes his beauty sleep very seriously. When she's not in bed by a certain time, he makes sure she never hears the end of it!

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LOL! We simply adore Patrick's sass and insistence, but it sounds like Mom needs a few more minutes before bed. Not that it matters to him!

"He’s saying 'I have plans hooman, get to bed this instance,'” wrote @dva_likes_to_party. Exactly! Patrick has no intention of wasting his time waiting for his mom, and he's not afraid to show it. Luckily, she isn't afraid to stay up and see his sassy responses, either. Other cat owners can relate!

@Jules17923 shared, "My cat Charlie was terrible he would yowl and howl pace around get in and out of bed go round in circles (or was that but me) until I got into bed!"

"Patrick obviously has got stuff to do and he can't do it if you're up to witness it all," said @zimmfilmz. Of course! We should've known there was something sneaky behind these shenanigans, especially when they're coming from a cat. It's exactly like @tirilag wrote: "Patrick has his own routine at night and you’re pushing it." How could you?!

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