Golden Retriever Has the Best Reaction When Mom Stops Kissing Him

What a sweetheart he is!

Golden Retriever Has the Best Reaction When Mom Stops Kissing Him

What a sweetheart he is!

There are so many ways to show a dog some love, from taking the long route on a walk to giving them a thorough ear rub. Even treats and toys can send the message! Every now and then, though, we come across a dog who loves to give and receive affection exactly like a person would.

In this adorable TikTok video from @bradythegoldenpup, a handsome Golden Retriever gets kiss after kiss from his mama. When she stops, though--he has the cutest reaction!

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Aww! As silly as Brady's chaotic pawing might be, it's beyond sweet that he wants more kisses from his mom. We honestly weren't expecting that after watching him act so unbothered! Maybe he didn't realize just what he was missing out on until it was over. We know the feeling!

"I will do the same," wrote @inungbissett. "Nonstop kissing." Isn't it the best? It's so hard to resist giving any pup a kiss, especially when their fur is so soft. It's just a bonus when they actually like the kisses, too! In fact, it's many pet owners' dreams come true. 

And clearly, all this love is paying off. Brady seems like such a healthy and happy pup! We were genuinely surprised when Brady's mom answered @wildroseandbella's question: "how old is he now?" We expected her to say that he's around 5 years old... but he's 8! He's aging oh-so-gracefully if you ask us, and he's being well loved through it all. That's exactly how it should be, don't you think?

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