Golden Retriever Puppy's Extremely Rare Eye Condition Makes Him Even More Special

He's truly one of a kind.

Golden Retriever Puppy's Extremely Rare Eye Condition Makes Him Even More Special

The honeymoon stage of bringing a puppy home can be full of many fun discoveries. Still, I completely understand why one couple started to worry when they spotted something unusual about their Golden Retriever puppy's eye. Though the pup's vision seemed totally normal, Tucker's eye had a shiny blue hue when his paw-rents looked at it in the light. 

It turns out that this playful puppy has a very rare eye condition, and he'll only need a few lifestyle adjustments to stay comfortable. Check out the full story in this TikTok from @tuckeroptics!

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Isn't he so precious? This rambunctious pup seems just as happy-go-lucky as any other, so I'm not surprised that he's so unbothered by his iris hypoplasia. Aside from some sun sensitivity, it hardly affects him at all! 

Still, this Golden Retriever puppy needs a little eye protection in the sunlight, so he's learning to wear those special goggles. If you ask me, he looks irresistible in them! Even the famous dog photo-sharing account @weratedogs could help but admit that Tucker is "looking absolutely adorable in those goggles." If the pros admit it, it must be true! 

Iris hypoplasia is occasionally seen among Australian Shepherds, but Tucker's parents are certainly right when they say it's a rare disorder among dogs. Thankfully, it's just as harmless as it is unusual, so Tucker is in for a happy, adventurous life with his parents and his new goggles. 

I'm so glad that this Golden puppy's parents decided to make him a TikTok account because it's important to see that our differences are what make us so special--whether you're a person or a pet!

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