Golden Retriever's Grass-Stained Fur Is Quite the Sight to Behold

This is going to be a pain to get out.

Golden Retriever's Grass-Stained Fur Is Quite the Sight to Behold

Summertime means it's time to finally time to break out the lawnmowers and if your dad is anything like mine, it's their favorite part of the season. My dad loves nothing more than making the lawn look nice with perfectly mowed lines. It's serious business to him. He even has specific sneakers he wears because of the grass stains. 

I've made the fatal mistake of getting grass stains on my shoes that completely ruined them. So when I saw the aftermath of a Golden Retriever rolling in the grass all day, I knew what headache these dog parents were going through. The clip from TikTok user @wilbur.thegolden is quite the sight to behold.

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O.M.G. My heart just sank! First of all, I know how hard it is to get out grass stains. Secondly, I know that it's a pain to wash my dog so I can't imagine what these parents are thinking. LOL! I hope this doesn't happen all summer long for them because yikes! 

Yes, I know what a headache this is going to be but I still can't help but laugh. Plus, TikTokers are commenting on what this Golden Retriever looks like now. @beverlyh5000 said, "Golden Grinch." HA! Yes, this needs to be his Halloween costume. 

With the warmer weather, you're probably spending more time outside with your dogs. That means playing in the grass a lot more. And if you are, please be aware if your dog is eating grass. While it is generally considered safe, you never know what the grass might be sprayed with. Some of the risks include ticks, allergies, and the ingestion of herbicides and fertilizers. 

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