Great Dane Puppies Give Themselves Wild 'Makeover' When Mom Isn't Looking

To be honest, these puppies actually look quite stunning.

Great Dane Puppies Give Themselves Wild 'Makeover' When Mom Isn't Looking

To be honest, these puppies actually look quite stunning.

Oh it's the doldrums of winter. The holidays are over, spring has yet to sprung, and we all feel sort of bleh. Maybe a makeover would help? Maybe switching up our style and trying a new lipgloss or haircut? We are looking at you, person who just cut trauma bangs in your bathroom mirror with a pair of manicure scissors.

Well, the adorable Great Dane puppies that belong to TikTok user @ezbrightideas obviously felt the same way, because they gave themselves a pretty drastic makeover when mom wasn't looking. For about twenty seconds, which is the exact time it takes any puppy to cause a lot of mayhem. Watch the following video and see if they inspire you to try a new look for yourself! 

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Now, before anyone worries about these puppers, it was mica powder that they got into and mom immediately called the vet to make sure they were okay. If the pups were showing any signs of gastrointestinal distress then mom should have brought them in right away, but the only thing in any sort of distress was that dog bed. 

TikTok account holders are actually into this extreme dog makeover, and @Sky comments, "Smurf puppies!" @user7824574832653 adds, "Those are some unique looking blue heelers you’ve got." @Steele adds their own soundtrack to this video with singing, "we just figured out Blues Clues, we just figured out Blues Clues.." @Karebear Elizabeth hilariously comments, "Some TikTok makeup influencers are like “I love the look” LOL! 

I mean really, they do look quite stunning. That teal really compliments their fur. We are calling it now, teal and grey are the colors of the season, thanks to these trend-setting puppies! 

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