Hero Rescues Tiny Kitten From Busy Interstate and Everyone Is Invested

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Hero Rescues Tiny Kitten From Busy Interstate and Everyone Is Invested

We've seen far too many videos of animals being stranded on the side of road or highway. We can't imagine that they got there themselves. Instead, someone probably dumped them off. Just the thought of that shatters our hearts into a million pieces.

Thankfully, there are so many people who risk the dangers of being on the highway to rescue these precious animals. The latest example of this comes from TikTok user @sydneykwhitehead's husband. The effort he puts in to rescue a tiny kitten from a busy interstate is melting hearts left and right. Take a look! 

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Ugh, be still our hearts! We already believed that people are in the right place at the right time and this video, which has over 2.3 million views, just further proves our point. If he wasn't driving by at this moment, who knows what would've happened to this precious black kitten

"Keepers! Both of them!" said @grampsthecat. You can say that again! Not that this TikToker didn't think her husband was a keeper before, but his heroic ways is confirmation she got a good one! And, of course, this kitten is a keeper. We mean, just look at her precious face! @minhas480 added, "Never settle ladies." Exactly! Strive to get yourself a partner that will save animals like this! 

Another TikToker, @thelivegan, wrote, "His lil sore mouth. So happy he's doing better. Thank You for rescuing him." Thank you times a million! In an update video, this TikToker said they finally named this precious kitten Rocky. We love that! Rocky is now 7 weeks old and is getting so big. We can't wait to see more updates on this black kitty

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