Husky Who Clearly Says 'Hello' Has People Captivated

What a special dog he is!

Husky Who Clearly Says 'Hello' Has People Captivated

What a special dog he is!

Some dog breeds are known for being more vocal than others, but Huskies are the cream of the crop. Their fiery personalities and innate singing abilities are unmatched by any others! It should come as no surprise, then, that this dog who went viral for saying 'hello' is @imbluethehusky.

In fact, this pup's mama recorded his special greeting for all of his TikTok viewers to see--and it's the cutest thing! It really sounds like he's saying 'hello!'

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Aww--listen to him! This gorgeous guy absolutely said hello, and we can't be convinced otherwise. Plus that wave with the paw at the beginning? It was paw-fection! 

"Why does it sound like he's really saying hello?" asked viewer @xavierxsenpai. Well--because that is what he's saying! We wouldn't be surprised if he picked up on this skill by copying his mama's words, but however he learned to talk--it sure works! As @mamabear1338 said, it's "clear as day!" 

@Ken_ken1217 agreed, writing, "the way he says it is so precious." Blue has so much enthusiasm! It doesn't surprise us at all that this outgoing pup is famous on TikTok, though his fans are asking to see more of his fur brother, too. 

"That 'hewo' was so cuteeee!" said @kuromilover235. "Can you ask Titan to do it next?" That would be so precious! We'll have to wait and see if Titan is up for the task, but we think Blue might be the talker of the family. Based on this video, he sure seems like it! 

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