Incredible Nonprofit Builds Dog Runs for Previously-Chained Pups

Every city needs a program like this.

Incredible Nonprofit Builds Dog Runs for Previously-Chained Pups

Every city needs a program like this.

We always appreciate charitable organizations that help animals, but every once in a while, there is one that does such groundbreaking work that we cannot help but applaud them. Such is the case with a non-profit organization that constructs dog runs and outdoor shelters for dogs that were previously tethered outside. And they do it all at no cost to the dog owner, as long as the owner is willing to have their dog spayed or neutered. 

Check out the amazing video posted by @Chainfreeknoxvilleof the fantastic work this nonprofit does in the Knoxville, Tennessee area.

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Their website explains: Our primary mission is to improve the lives of outdoor dogs by providing fencing and other necessities to dogs who are continuously chained or kept in very small enclosures. We also work with each dog and their owner on a case by case basis and offer other resources if a fence is not the right solution for the family.

@Selene comments, "You’re such a blessing for those dogs." @Tara adds, "I get sooooo happy watching your videos. Thank you." @Sparkykat says, "Amazing what freedom can do for these doggies. She’s so happy and playful!" @Hadley replies, "Love your mission!!" 

There are so many reasons not to keep your dog chained up outside. Dogs that are chained are at risk of the elements, whether that's heat, cold or rain. Plus other animals can attack a chained dog and the dog has no way of retreating. Dogs that are chained are lonely, lack socialization, and can become aggressive. Plus, chaining your dog outside for long periods is illegal in some areas. 

If you are interested in learning more about this amazing organization or making a donation, you can do so here

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