James Gunn Misled Fans About The Flash's DCEU 'Reset'

James Gunn's claim that The Flash would reset things doesn't add up, especially considering how time travel works in the film.

James Gunn Misled Fans About The Flash's DCEU 'Reset'

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn may have misled fans about how The Flash would "reset" the DCEU in preparation for the DCU.

Before the release of the Ezra Miller-led film, Gunn had clarified that it would "resets many things, not all things," and "some characters" would stay after the reboot. Co-CEO Peter Safran also said that the upcoming reboot would "take some sort of explanation," assuming that The Flash would be it.

However, the explanation of time travel and the film's ending doesn't add up to a reset of the DCEU that would naturally lead to a DCU reboot.

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