Little Rabbit Who Loves Being Brushed Is Impossible to Resist

Walter is such a calm, sweet bunny.

Little Rabbit Who Loves Being Brushed Is Impossible to Resist

Walter is such a calm, sweet bunny.

For many people and pets, being pampered is the ultimate form of relaxation. It doesn't matter whether it's detangling hair or massaging tired legs--getting a little extra TLC can go a long way.

English Angora Rabbit @itswalterhops knows exactly what we're talking about, especially when it comes to being brushed. His favorite thing to do is to join his canine brother, Wilson, for some 'spaw' time, and it's the cutest darn thing on TikTok right now!

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 These two are adorable together! We adore how they're sleeping almost snoot-to-snoot, just how doting brothers would be. Plus--they're even sharing a brush!

"Walter! You are such a calm little man," @flypastthesun commented on the video. It's precious how he waits his turn to be brushed! He. barely moves a muscle throughout the entire video, which makes us think this brushing puts him to sleep. To be fair, it does look ultra relaxing! 

We think @deonnelauer might have been right when they commented "spoiled" on this duo's video. But they're just a tad spoiled! Regular brushing and social time are both essential when it comes to raising a happy pet, though not every animal can say they get to lie there and be pampered like these princes. 

Of course, TikTok viewers like @shellholiday were obsessed with Walter and Wilson, AKA "the sweetest boys ever." They basically stole the show! Each of them on their own is capable of melting hearts with pure cuteness, but when you put them together the sweetness can't be contained. This video is proof! 

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