Local Debut of GWM P500 Bakkie and Tank 500 set for Nampo

Set to significantly expand its local lineup in South Africa, GWM will take advantage of the Nampo expo to unveil several new models. Have a look at what will be arriving at the event over the next few days. The post Local Debut of GWM P500 Bakkie and Tank 500 set for Nampo appeared first on CAR Magazine.

Local Debut of GWM P500 Bakkie and Tank 500 set for Nampo

South Africa’s farming community will be among the first to encounter GWM‘s latest offerings, including the P500 bakkie, TANK 500 SUV and the new Jolion SUV, at the 2024 NAMPO event scheduled for 14th to 17th of May. 


Image: GWM

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NAMPO, which began as a forum for maize farmers, has transformed into a premier agricultural exhibition, showcasing the latest in farming technology, machinery, and livestock breeding. Over the years, it has evolved into a comprehensive event attracting tens of thousands of attendees annually, driving agricultural development and innovation. Beyond its agricultural focus, NAMPO has also become a platform for industries beyond farming, including automotive manufacturers. Companies like GWM seize the opportunity to unveil new vehicles tailored to the needs of farmers and rural communities.  

This marks the first time all GWM vehicles, from the P-Series bakkies to the HAVAL, TANK, and ORA models, will be showcased together under the GWM brand. NAMPO, renowned as one of the largest agricultural shows globally, attracts around 50 000 farmers annually from across South Africa and beyond. Given its scale and significance, NAMPO serves as an ideal platform for GWM to unveil its latest offerings.

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According to Conrad Groenewald, GWM South Africa’s Chief Operations Officer, the event presents a crucial opportunity for the brand to introduce the new GWM P500 double cab bakkie, TANK 500 SUV and the new Jolion SUV. This showcase also marks the first public display of GWM’s consolidated brand portfolio, reflecting the company’s evolution over its seventeen-year presence in South Africa.

The P500 bakkie is touted as a new contender in South Africa’s competitive light commercial vehicle segment, offering four-wheel drive and a choice between turbodiesel or petrol hybrid powertrains. Similarly, the TANK 500 SUV boasts a seven-seater layout, a new petrol hybrid engine, advanced transmission technology and all-wheel drive capabilities.

Image: GWM

The third highlight is the new Jolion SUV, described as a stylish addition to GWM’s lineup, featuring bold design elements and a hybrid advantage. Carina van der Merwe, HAVAL and ORA Brand Manager emphasizes the Jolion’s appeal to farmers due to its sporty aesthetic and hybrid efficiency.

Aside from these newcomers, GWM will also showcase its existing lineup, including the full range of P-Series bakkies, the recently launched TANK 300 SUV, and the affordable all-electric ORA 03. Overall, the event offers attendees a comprehensive look at GWM’s diverse vehicle offerings and technological advancements.

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The post Local Debut of GWM P500 Bakkie and Tank 500 set for Nampo appeared first on CAR Magazine.

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