Man's Visit to Animal Shelter to Adopt a Dog Comes with an Unexpected Surprise

This is dog #7 for him.

Man's Visit to Animal Shelter to Adopt a Dog Comes with an Unexpected Surprise

Trying to decide on which precious animal you should adopt from the shelter might be one of the hardest decisions. You fall in love with them all and went to take them all home with you. More often than not, people will adopt just one precious fur baby, which is still amazing! But not always!

TikTok user @ryceortizsola went with a friend to the shelter to help her pick out a dog to adopt. It was going great as she found the one she wanted to take home. And then the best, most unexpected surprise happened. Check it out!  

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O.M.G. Yes! See? It’s nearly impossible to leave an animal shelter without taking one home with you, which is why this TikToker adopted one of his own too. That makes this dog number 7 for him! One big happy, fluffy family! 

“That would be about as effective as going to Target for just a couple of things,” said @dreamsindaylight. Right?! You can never run into Target for just one item, especially when you're with a friend. And this is proof that two people can’t go into an animal shelter and just get one pet. The more the merrier! “Oh my god and you guys can celebrate their ‘gotcha days’ together,” added @pancakesandsons. LOL! Everyone should join an adoption pact so ‘Gotcha Days’ cant be celebrated together!

Another TikToker, @lindseywargo, pointed out, “You can tell how grateful they are you chose them.” Exactly! This is instant confirmation for the TikToker that impulse buying does pay off! We know this purchase is so unexpected, but it truly goes a long way. It's a great reminder for all of us to adopt, don't shop. 

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