Minneapolis Shelter Dog Jumps Kennel Wall To Be with Her Bestie

They are just so sweet.

Minneapolis Shelter Dog Jumps Kennel Wall To Be with Her Bestie

The Friends of Minneapolis Animal Care and Control page on Facebook recently shared an adorable video of what happened when they tried to separate two stray dogs that had been brought into the shelter together. 

What the following sweetly hilarious clip to see that no walls can keep these two besties apart. 

The shelter explains on the post that "Brenda and Linda arrived to MACC recently as strays together. Linda recently got moved to a kennel next to Brenda and well the rest is history. They are now sharing a bigger kennel together.

Brenda and Linda are both available for adoption! Both are dog friendly, but they also love each other and would love a home together. Brenda (the high jumper) has been a helper dog in playgroups. Linda is a happy coexister. "

People are in love with these two girls, and @Tracy comments, "Awwww! “People” say dogs don’t need dog friends. But clearly some do." @Lele adds, "Dogs that stray together -stay together!! Good pups for life!" @Kim responds, "Please keep them together and adopt them as a pair. This is true unconditional love." @Dixon hilariously adds, "Ok Linda! Your home will be fenced!"

If you would like more information about adopting these canine besties or any of the other adoptable animals available, you can visit the Minneapolis Animal Care and Control website here

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