Moment Bull Meets His Very First Baby Is So Incredibly Moving

He's showing the little baby so much love!

Moment Bull Meets His Very First Baby Is So Incredibly Moving

Watching mama cows welcome their little ones can be a magical thing to witness, but one proud dad is crushing all stereotypes by greeting his new baby in the pasture. Rufus might be a bull, but his fatherly skills are no bull!

In a priceless video from farmer @brenttsf5d9, the huge bull couldn't have been sweeter as he curiously explored and encouraged his calf. The baby cow even stood for the first time with his support, and it's the most inspiring thing to see. 

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Aww! The size difference between Rufus and his black and white calf is almost startling to see, but we know it's only a matter of time before the baby is the same size as Dad. If that were us watching these two interact, we'd honestly be a bit nervous!

In fact, Rufus's owner was even nervous watching him with the little one. When @mochinator wrote, "Rufus said 'get up and get your feed on," the rancher replied, "Made me nervous. He’s not the gentlest bull but he definitely proved me wrong that day." What a good boy, Rufus! With more positive interactions like this, maybe having bulls and calves together will become more normal. 

"I’ve never seen a bull out with the Mommas and the new babies," agreed @laura1718148. "Rufus is such a trailblazer!" No kidding! It's probably a safety concern that keeps this from becoming the norm, and in some cases, that's for the best. Caring for animals is all about keeping them safe and comfortable, which can look different for every individual. For Rufus and his family, keeping them together was clearly the way to go!

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