Moment Rescue Hen Lays Her First Egg After Months of Recovery Is So Emotional

What a beautiful story!

Moment Rescue Hen Lays Her First Egg After Months of Recovery Is So Emotional

A Florida-based farm animal rescue, known on TikTok as @lovelifeanimalrescue, rescued a hen named Black Beauty just two days after Hurricane Ian ripped through the state. This poor hen was so sick when they rescued her. Over the last eight months, this farm animal rescue tried nine different treatment courses for Black Beauty, but still nothing. 

Everyone told this rescue center to 'put her down,' but they never gave up, and neither did Black Beauty. In fact, this rescue hen finally laid her very first egg after months of recovery. The reaction from one of the rescue workers has us sobbing! 

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Ugh, we can't stop the tears from rolling down our faces. We totally get why the woman in the video was so emotional. After all those stressful months of helping this hen get back to being healthy, she finally laid her first egg. It must've been the biggest sigh of relief. All their hard work and dedication to Black Beauty paid off! 

"Chickens are so misunderstood and underestimated, thank you for not giving up on her," commented @columbaobscura. Thank you doesn't even begin to express how much this means. It truly takes a special person to be able to have the patience to care for rescue animals. It's no easy task and we'll be forever grateful for those that do. 

Another TikToker, @holelottarosie_, said, "Her soft coos, while you ask if she laid an egg for you, are a definite 'For you and because of you.'" Here come the tears all over again! Black Beauty is so proud of herself for finally doing what no one thought would happen and it's all thanks to this farm animal rescue center. 

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