'Most Spoiled' Cat in the World Is Living Better Than Most Humans

No one could resist spoiling this guy!

'Most Spoiled' Cat in the World Is Living Better Than Most Humans

There's no doubt that pet owners give absolutely everything to their fur babies. Just think about how many toys are in a basket next to the couch. There are probably at least twenty toys sitting there. And don't even get us started on how many puppuccinos we give to our dogs. The spoiled treatment is real. 

Now, we used to think we were bad about giving our pets everything. That is until we saw TikTok user @abrameng's recent video. His orange cat named Kurt might be the most spoiled cat in the world. Kurt is out here living better than we do! 

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O.M.G. They should rename this cat to Kurt the King because he's truly living a life of royalty. How many beds does one cat need?! Honestly, as he was going through all of Kurt's possessions, we kept thinking how necessary all of it was. LOL! 

We absolutely lost it when we saw the Mercedes car. "Bro got a car before me," said @sweetbeckyx. And not just any car. A very expensive, flashy car that only the coolest of cats get to ride. LOL! We never thought we'd be jealous of a cat but here we are. @cherrycokebloke added, "Kurt’s not spoiled, it’s what he deserves." Retweet!

We're apparently behind on the trend of getting ball pits for your fur babies. Kurt has one. These Chocolate Labs have their own DIY version. Guess it's time for us to purchase one for our pets! Although, we just have to prepare for the mess they'll constantly make. LOL! 

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