Mystery of Who's Digging in Michigan Animal Rescue's Yard Has People Puzzled

There's one suspect!

Mystery of Who's Digging in Michigan Animal Rescue's Yard Has People Puzzled

Working in animal rescue can be such a thankless job. Angry people, overcrowded shelters, lack of volunteers and heartbreaking animal cases. That's why we love seeing shelters able to find joy in the everyday and share then with their social media audiences. 

That's the case with the wonderful humans at the TikTok account for @Mi_animalrescueleague. Watch the following adorably silly video they shared of a very mysterious case! 

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They will never be able to get to the bottom of this incredibly complicated case! Now who would do something like dig holes in the yard? No one can figure it out, LOL! We just love how happy shelter dog Babygirl looks. She's so proud of herself! @TikTok users can't get enough of this adorable criminal behavior and @Larry comments, "The little tilty-head is always a dead giveaway." @LT replies, "Innocent! look at that face. how dare you accuse such a good pupper." @Toblerone has their own theory that she was just trying to help solve the case and says, "She was sloshing around in the mud trying to find who dunnit! Saved you from getting your shoes dirty." @Happy replies, "The happy little guilty prance!" 

We just live for content like this! If you enjoyed this as much as we did, head on over to the website for Michigan Animal Rescue League and see how you can volunteer, make a donation, or adopt a babygirl of your very own. 

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