NYC Shelter's Sweet Way of 'Rebranding' Dog Who Has No Applications Is Precious

Hopefully, this does the trick!

NYC Shelter's Sweet Way of 'Rebranding' Dog Who Has No Applications Is Precious

Hopefully, this does the trick!

The animal crisis in New York City is leaving more animals than ever without homes--and even without spots in the shelter--so rescues like the Animal Care Centers of NYC are working extra hard to get pets adopted. They're trying creative names, adorable animal TikTok videos, and now, marketing strategies to help dogs and cats match up with their perfect homes. 

The first pup to get a professional 'rebranding' is Coral Blue, a gorgeous white Pit Bull boy. He's received zero adoption applications since finding his way to the shelter, but we have a feeling that's about to change. 

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Aww! Coral Blue is just as adorable as a bunny as he is as a pup! The white knit hat blends in perfectly with his snowy fur, and the curious smile on his face is just too sweet. This shelter's idea to help him look cute and apartment-friendly totally succeeded!

"Look at that expressive face," agreed @beccawilsonshell. "Who can resist? Let's go Manhattan!" There has to be somebody in the Big Apple who could use a love bug like this boy in their lives. They'll just have to be a little patient as he finds his zen and learns to open up to someone new. 

"I am finding the shelter a little overwhelming," his online biography on the center's site states, "but when it's just you and me and some peace and quiet, you'll see what a love bug I am." That'll be such an amazing moment! Clearly, this Pittie guy trusts his caretakers enough to put a knitted hood on him, so we believe every word of his profile. It also says that he needs a home with no other dogs or cats, but when he's ready for some attention--he'll let you know!

If you live near New York City and are interested in meeting Coral Blue--or browsing the Animal Care Center's "hundreds of adoptable NYC pets," visit their website to start your journey!

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