Objects of Desire: Rebel against ‘quiet luxury’

Quiet luxury is actually kind of loud

Objects of Desire: Rebel against ‘quiet luxury’

While the world is talking about “quiet luxury” aesthetics, where one maintains a stealth wealth look through masking affluence with basic pieces in extraordinarily luxurious fabrics and prefers heritage and craftsmanship. But we’re calling this a boring take on prep. We want to show off and put our best foot forward.  

Oud of this world 

Oud is one of the world’s rarest and most luxurious scents, making any oud-centred fragrance an indulgence. Contemporary fragrance house Le Labo’s Oud 27 has a deep and intoxicating woody scent — a quintessential winter fragrance. You can get your Le Labo bottle labelled with your name. Available through Skins Cosmetics


Living movida loca 

One of the world’s favourite luxury shoe designers, Christian Louboutin, and his iconic red soles, are back and ready to get funky. The Movida Athina sandals feature lively illustrations and patterns inspired by life in Ancient Greece. Strut your stuff in these chunky platforms with gold straps, evil eyes to protect from the bad vibes and two jazzy figures on the heels that dance with each other. Available through Net-a-Porter


Stars in our eyes 

Conspicuous luxury acknowledges that you are choosing to sparkle and shine by wearing something that takes the everyday a little bit further. Judith Lieber’s Pink Star crystal clutch is playful, modern elegance. The eclectic clutch says, “I like to have fun, but I have an eye for style, and I am a star.” Available through Net-a-Porter

Galaxies of taste

What makes a beautiful home? The answers lie in the eyes of the beholders but there are a few cornerstones of a wonderfully wealthy home: style, comfort and authentic objects that represent the tastes of its owners. Adorn your space with Van Cleef & Arpels Planétarium, inspired by their Midnight Planétarium watch. This ballet of planets is made with diamonds, yellow sapphires and opals set on 500 gold stems. Available through Van Cleef & Arpels


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