Omoda C5 Recalled by Chery Malaysia with Weak Subframe

Following an investigation into the cause of a weak subframe on the Omoda C5, Chery Malaysia has officially issued a recall on the SUV but models destined for the South African market are fortunately unaffected. Details here. The post Omoda C5 Recalled by Chery Malaysia with Weak Subframe appeared first on CAR Magazine.

Omoda C5 Recalled by Chery Malaysia with Weak Subframe

Chery Malaysia has issued another crucial statement regarding the Omoda C5 (or simply as Omoda 5 in other markets) rear axle case, marking its third public address since the incident ignited a firestorm on social media on April 28. Fortunately, South African-built models aren’t involved in the recall. 

Chery Malaysia C5

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Comical photos circulated rapidly across social platforms detailing the sad sight of a grey Omoda C5 stranded on the roadside with its rear trailing arm snapped in half and the rear portion of the body mounted atop the rear axle and wheels. Despite the situation, there is an underlying seriousness that can’t be overlooked – not only was the owner left immobilized, but the potential danger posed by such a catastrophic failure on the road is worth of an internal investigation.

This is exactly what followed and the root cause of the issue was eventually pinpointedAccording to Lee, the company’s representative: during a facility upgrade, a worn-out tip on the automated welding machine was swapped out for a new one. However, this seemingly routine change led to a critical miscalibration of the equipment, setting the stage for the alarming failure observed in this Omoda C5.


The gravity of the situation was further underscored as Chery Malaysia disclosed that a total of 60 units of the Omoda 5 in Malaysia were equipped with faulty parts, all produced on August 15, 2023. Realizing the urgency of the matter, Chery Malaysia expanded its scope, issuing a recall encompassing vehicles manufactured between August 14 and 17, totalling 600 units.

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To aid affected owners, a dedicated website has been established to facilitate confirmation of whether their vehicle is impacted by the recall. Recognizing the importance of transparency, Chery Malaysia has pledged to provide regular updates to the public, ensuring ongoing information dissemination regarding the progress of the recall program. 

Chery Malaysia

While it seems the defective Omoda C5 models are limited to the Malaysian market, the South African branch of the Chinese automaker has confirmed with CAR Magazine that local Omoda stock is unaffected by this incident and any recall announcements. In addition, Omoda added that to provide peace of mind and to support their commitment to quality and safety, all customers have the opportunity to contact their local Omoda dealership and arrange for a free inspection.

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The post Omoda C5 Recalled by Chery Malaysia with Weak Subframe appeared first on CAR Magazine.

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