Pampered Cat's Spa Day at Home Is Enough to Make Anyone Jealous

We could all use a little bit of self-care like this.

Pampered Cat's Spa Day at Home Is Enough to Make Anyone Jealous

We could all use a little bit of self-care like this.

Cat mom and TikTok user @dontstopmeowing doesn't play around when it comes to pampering her kitties. In one of her recent popular videos, long-haired cat Skye gets her turn at a 'spaw day' to help keep her looking and feeling her best. Not only does she sit still for all of her treatments--she seems to love them too!

Commenters are buzzing over the precious spa setup that this loving cat owner put together. It's so luxurious that we're actually jealous of the spoiled kitty and her fur siblings! 

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OMG, this seems like the best way to unwind, especially after a long day of being a cat. From the paw massage to the tiny, fluffy robe--what's not to love?

"I promise your cats live better than some humans," wrote commenter @lizgriffin6. That's a fact! We doubt we're the only ones actually jealous of Miss Skye and her pampered siblings. This is the kind of spa day nearly anyone could enjoy!

Need proof? Check out what @borderline967 said! They wrote, "when I die I wanna be reincarnated as a cat and live at your house." We'd like to get in on that, too! If that means we'd be in for more spa sessions like this, it'll be a good life. 

Of course, a lot of viewers are downright impressed with Skye's calm demeanor throughout her treatments. @Dbarth4522 said, "How are they so well-behaved? If I tried to put cucumbers on my cat I’d have to sleep with one eye open." LOL! We have a feeling you're not the only cat owner to feel that way, but there are also tons of other ways to spoil a kitty. 

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