Pet Ferret Steals Baby's Toys Straight From the Crib and the Child's Reaction Is the Best

This rambunctious ferret just couldn't resist!

Pet Ferret Steals Baby's Toys Straight From the Crib and the Child's Reaction Is the Best

No matter how well-behaved a pet may be, they'll have their naughty moments. If you're lucky, those naughty moments just might be hilarious too! 

One family was in for a treat when they checked their baby's crib camera, only to find their pet ferret named Tuna in the middle of a heist. @Tuna_lynn stole his human sibling's toys straight out of the crib! As funny as the sneaky pet is, our absolute favorite detail was the baby's reaction!

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LMAO! This little ferret is the definition of 'sneaky,' and we absolutely love it. He has no regrets about stealing his sibling's toys! On the other hand, the baby doesn't quite understand why his furry friend would betray him like that. 

"That is a very well-mannered ferret to not even try to bite the kid giving it the death grip," noticed @whatnowmeowmeow. No kidding! Even though the little boy would rather cuddle with his fuzzy pet, the ferret waits patiently for the perfect moment to steal his toys. 

We totally agree with @lucioussmomma22 who said, "for a second I thought the ferret was trying to steal the baby. LMAO! That would've been a sight to see, and we totally believe the animal would've if she could've. Even Tuna's mom replied, "If he was made of rubber, she would [steal him]!" We knew it! 

The ferret and pet experts at Winter Park Veterinary Hospital wouldn't be surprised to see this silly video. In fact, they explain on their website that ferrets love small toys. Perhaps if Tuna had her own set of toys, she wouldn't have to steal her brother's!

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