First two youngsters of 12 boys freed from Thai cave

First two youngsters of 12 boys freed from Thai cave

The youngsters are the first of 12 boys divers are attempting to free from underground along with their football coach.

First two youngsters freed from Thai cave.

Both boys being treated at field hospital.

Group of 12 boys, aged 11 to 16, and their football coach had been trapped since 23 June.

Senior official tells Sky News that a further two boys are on their way out - one is almost at the surface.

There are concerns the arrival of monsoon rains could scupper the rescue plan.

No decision has been made on how many boys will come out in the first group.

Some 13 divers are inside the cave with a further three providing a support role.

A rope system has also been put in place to help the boys over difficult ground.

Helicopters are expected to fly the schoolboys and their coach to hospital.

On the ground, Sky News is preparing for the forecast heavy rain, which influenced the decision by the authorities to press ahead with the fraught rescue.

Credit: sky news

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