Man Killed By Shark Attack In Massachusetts - First Fatal Attack In 80 Years

Man Killed By Shark Attack In Massachusetts - First Fatal Attack In 80 Years

A man has died after being attacked by a shark off Cape Cod in Massachusetts - the first fatal attack in the state since 1936.

The victim in his mid-20s died in hospital from his injuries, said Wellfleet police officer Michael Hurley.

Witnesses say he was boogie-boarding in the sea off Newcomb Hollow Beach when the attack happened at around 12pm local time (5pm UK time) on Saturday.

Seashore rangers and police performed CPR on the victim after he was pulled from the water, the Cape Cod Times reported.

An off-duty lifeguard told the newspaper that the victim had injuries to his lower body and no pulse as rescuers tried to save him.

Witness Joe Booth saw "a giant eruption of water 15 feet-wide".

He told the Cape Cod Times: "I saw a tail and a lot of thrashing. You could tell by the body language of the guys in the water something wasn't right."

Mr Booth said the attack victim and his friend were boogie-boarding when the attack happened.

He said the man kicked at something behind him, and that there was flicker of a tail from the water.

"I was that guy on the beach screaming, 'Shark, shark!'" said Mr Booth.

"It was like right out of that movie Jaws. This has turned into Amity Island real quick out here."

Police said the name of the victim is being withheld until his family has been informed.

Newcomb Hollow Beach has been closed to swimmers.

"Today is just keeping everyone out of water," said Lt. Hurley. "There'll be a determination later about what the town wants to do with the beaches going forward."

A 61-year-old man from New York was seriously injured last month, just five miles away, after punching a shark in the gills off Long Nook Beach near the town of Truro.

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