Netherlands Prevent Major Terror Attack Plot -Seven Men Arrested

Netherlands Prevent Major Terror Attack Plot -Seven Men Arrested

Seven men have been arrested in the Netherlands on suspicion of plotting a significant terror attack.

The alleged attackers intended to carry out an assault using rifles, grenades and a car bomb.

Heavily armed police arrested the men on Thursday in the towns of Arnhem, about 62 miles (100km) south of Amsterdam, and Weert close to the borders of Belgium and Germany.

An investigation, which has run for several months, was launched into whether the alleged ringleader, a 34-year-old man of Iraqi heritage, wanted to carry out an attack using bomb vests and assault rifles, according to the Dutch prosecutor's statement.

The alleged plot was to take place at the site of a large event and cause multiple casualties.

Prosecutors say the attackers, aged between 21 and 34, planned to detonate a car bomb at another location.

The men were attempting to obtain AK47 assault rifles, handguns, bomb vests, grenades and materials for bombs, and were looking for opportunities to train with the weapons, according to the statement.

An investigation of potential targets is continuing.

Prosecutors said three of the attackers, including the 34-year-old Iraqi, were previously convicted of attempting to travel overseas to join extremist networks.

They say the investigation had to be accelerated because of the suspects' "advanced preparations".

The Netherlands terror threat level is at four out of five. The level remains the same after the arrests.

Earlier this month a man was shot after stabbing two American tourists in Amsterdam.

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